I have edited multiple feature documentaries and short films.  The projects I've done have each provided me with cherished experiences and insights, which guide me as an artist and as a human being.  While working on the Emmy Award-winning King in the Wilderness (Sundance 2018), I grappled with the privilege and responsibility of telling a story as significant as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s oft overlooked later years, and dealt with the challenge of lyrically combining interviews and archival material to transmit the presentness of history. 

Cutting vérité films like Far From the Tree (DOC NYC 2017) and Civil War (or Who Do We Think We Are) honed my empathic approach to editing, as well as my abilities to provide structure to captured moments of everyday life, that in their lived forms can be incomprehensible, frightening, and sometimes unexpectedly beautiful.


Within the documentary community and industry, I am committed to revolutionizing the structures that have long failed to incorporate marginalized peoples in an equitable and meaningful way.